John H. Fowler is the owner of On-Line Resources, a consulting firm specializing in high-pressure equipment design and analysis.  He has served as chairman of the API 6A Design Task Group, is a past President of AWHEM (Association of Well Head Equipment Manufacturers)chaired the API 6A Metrication Task Group, and is a member of API Subcommittees 6 and 16. He has been elected a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

Mr. Fowler teaches a number of equipment-related seminars, including Designing to API 6A/16A/17D Requirements, Overview of API Specification 6A, and seminars on flange design, valve design, and choke design. He is an API University instructor.

His industrial experience includes 23 years with McEvoy and Rockwell International, in design related functions. He served as Vice President, Engineering for McEvoy Oilfield Equipment, formerly a division of Rockwell.

Mr. Fowler is a graduate of Rice University in Houston, with BA and BSME degrees. He is the author of the FINEL finite-element program, author of several technical articles on design, and holder of 29 U.S. patents on valves and wellhead equipment.